frequently asked questions

for intended parents


What is a surrogate?
A: There are two types of surrogates; traditional surrogates (less common) and gestational carriers (most common).

A traditional surrogate is the baby’s biological mother. A traditional surrogate is a woman who has her biological eggs artificially inseminated with the donor sperm. She then carries the baby and delivers baby for the intended parents to raise.

A gestational carrier has no biological link to baby. A gestational carrier is a women who has had a complete embryo transfer through IVF and carries a pregnancy for others who cannot or chose not to. The embryo is created from a donor egg and donor sperm. The gestational carrier will carry the baby and deliver for the intended parents.

It is very common for most surrogacy agencies to only work with gestational carriers. A New Beginning Surrogacy will only work with gestational carriers. We do not have a traditional surrogate program.


Why choose surrogacy over adoption?

A:However your child comes to you, it’s a miracle! Whether you chose surrogacy or adoption, it’s completely personal choice. If having a biological link to your children is extremely important to you, surrogacy provides that option to you.


Does A New Beginning Surrogacy work with International Intended Parents?

A:Yes. A New Beginning Surrogacy works with intended parents from the United States and in many countries around the globe. Laws vary from state to state and country to country. Our attorney and your journey coordinator will work with you directly to identify what is applicable to your surrogacy situation.


Does A New Beginning Surrogacy work with surrogates or gestational carriers in the United States and internationally?

A:A New Beginning Surrogacy works with gestational carriers / surrogates in surrogate friendly states within the United States only. We do not currently work with international surrogates.


Does A New Beginning Surrogacy work with single parents?

A:Yes. A New Beginning Surrogacy is happy to work with single parents who wish to build their families through surrogacy.


Does A New Beginning Surrogacy work with same sex couples?

A:Yes. A New Beginning Surrogacy is happy to work with same sex couples who wish to build their families through surrogacy.


Does A New Beginning Surrogacy work with the LGBTQ community?

A:Yes. A New Beginning Surrogacy is happy to provide surrogacy services to the LGBTQ community.


Is surrogacy legal everywhere?

A:No. Within the United States, each state has different laws related to surrogacy. Some states are more surrogate friendly than others, while a few don’t allow it at all. Countries outside of the United States also have various laws related to surrogacy, many of which do not allow surrogacy. Intended Parents can live anywhere. The differing laws are related to where the surrogate lives.

When entering into a surrogacy agreement and beginning your journey, it’s very important to be aware of applicable laws.


Can a gestational carrier change her mind, after she has baby, and decide to keep the baby?

A:If the intended parents have completed all of the required contracts and agreements as deemed necessary according to applicable state law, it’s nearly impossible. The gestational carrier is not biologically related to the child. In some states, a pre-birth order can be obtained, allowed the intended parent’s names to appear on the original birth certificate, while other states will require a court hearing to do so.


How are gestational carriers approved?

A:Gestational Carriers are giving an incredible gift to another family and it’s essential that we establish she is emotionally and physically able and prepared for the journey. Once the initial interview is complete, we conduct a home evaluation, psychological evaluation, collect medical records and verify her health. There is also a list of basic criteria that each of our gestational carriers must meet/agree to prior to the initial interview.


Will my health insurance cover the medical needs of my gestational carrier?

A:Not likely. It’s important to talk with your insurance provider early in the process to determine if they are surro friendly or exclude surrogacy pregnancy coverage. We are able to help you locate insurance providers who cover gestational carrier pregnancy costs.


Will my health insurance cover the cost of my baby’s medical bills?

A:If you live in the United States and already have health insurance, contact your benefits coordinator and arrange for your child’s coverage at birth. Make these arrangements in advance.

International Intended Parents will be required to obtain private insurance to cover the child’s medical care.


How are we matched with a gestational carrier?

A:Intended parents will have profiles in which surrogates can look view. Once she chooses a family, a match meeting or conversation can occur. If a match occurs, contracts will be completed and the relationship begins.

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