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Welcome to a potential path to parenthood!

A New Beginning has been creating families since 2004. We first established an adoption agency, and we understand how to navigate the unique and sensitive relationships between parents and birth parents and will do the same for intended parents and gestational carriers during their match process and afterwards. Our goal is always to create a journey that is healthy, successful and permanent for all the families involved and especially the children.


A New Beginning Surrogacy Agency isn’t just another agency, we’ve spent a significant amount of time researching focus groups, spent time with fertility clinics, specialists and hospitals to identify what works best for the surrogacy situation. We look forward to helping intended parents in the United States as well as globally to match with pre-screen gestational carriers in the United States.

The Surrogacy Journey

Step 1: Agency consultation & program application

Getting to know your agency and it’s professionals is important. You’ll be sharing a very intimate journey with them. First, submit a completed application. It will help answer initial questions and begin the consultation. During the Agency consultation phase, intended parents will meet or have a video call with A New Beginning Surrogacy to discuss the services available, steps in the surrogacy process including the matching with a gestational carrier, legalities, contracts, financial information, insurance and travel if necessary.

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Step 2: Screening & surrogate match process

Each of the gestational surrogates have been pre-screened and meet the criteria recommended by the Association of Reproductive Medicine.  They have prepared for the required medical and psychological evaluations.  During the match process, gestational surrogates will meet with intended parents and to determine if it’s a good match for the potential surrogacy journey.  As we know the importance of connecting with individuals inwhich relationships can be honest and built upon.  Your surrogacy journey coordinator at A New Beginning will guide each party through the experience.

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Step 3: Escrow, Contracts & Surrogate Health Insurance

A New Beginning Surrogacy recognizes the beauty of the relationship that exists between intended parents and gestational carriers and it’s our pleasure to help navigate each of you through the business relationship. the contracts and the escrow account set up. Intended parents and surrogates will complete and sign a series of contracts and agreements to ensure clarity and legality. The agreements will meet the requirements of applicable state laws. Additionally, intended parents will be referred to an escrow company to manage payments throughout the journey. Health and Life insurance policies will need to be established for the gestational carrier at this time. A New Beginning Surrogacy can assist in locating the proper insurance company and/or agent to help.

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Step 4: Embryo Transfer

The embryo transfer is one of the most exciting parts of your surrogacy journey. After health and life insurance has been established, the IVF cycle can begin and then the embryo transfer. Your ANB Surrogacy professional will work directly with the infertility clinic and surrogate to schedule medical appointments and keep you updated on what’s happening.

embryo transfer

Step 5: Pregnancy

“We’re pregnant!” words you’ll never forget. Once a positive pregnancy has been confirmed, your gestational carrier will move from the fertility clinic to an OB/GYN for her regular prenatal care. During pregnancy is the perfect time to further develop your relationship with your gestational carrier and discuss doctors appointments, prenatal visits and delivery day.

Step 6: Delivery Day

Delivery Day may be the best day of your life, or close! Finally, you’ll get to meet the newest member of your family. Don’t worry, you’ll already have a hospital plan in place and hopefully you’ll have been in town for a week and settled in a bit. Your journey coordinator will be there to support you through the experience and handle the details. Another specialist will be working directly with your surrogate to make sure she has everything she needs and handling her details as well.

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Step 7: Court proceedings

Your family is at least one person bigger and you get to go home. Your journey coordinator will continue to support you as they help support your ongoing relationship with your gestational carrier, shipments and/or delivery of breast milk, parenting articles, books, online support groups and connections to other families just like yours

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