surrogate compensation for gestational carriers

As a gestational carrier, you are giving the ultimate gift of a child to a family who might not otherwise be able to have a one. It is an amazing, life changing and a selfless act. Gestational carriers are also committing at least a year of their life to the surrogacy journey. The intended parents also commit to covering surrogacy related expenses for the gestational carrier and surrogacy compensation for her time and risk. The surrogate compensation chart is below. 

Compensation disbursements are handled through an escrow manager. Monthly stipends begin and change in value based on the steps in the surrogacy journey. Regardless, the total amount will be distributed over a 10 month period of time.

Each surrogacy journey is unique. Below is a surrogacy compensation guide. There are guaranteed compensation totals, possible additional compensation items and a list of other expenses paid directly by the Intended parents.


Guaranteed Gestational Carrier Compensation

1st Time Gestational Carrier

This fee covers cash


Experienced Gestational Carrier Compensation


Maternity Leave/Lost Wages 

  • Vaginal birth – up to 6 weeks
  • C-Section – up to 12 weeks


Possible Additional Gestational Carrier

Multiples (twins, triplets, etc.) 

$5,000 per baby

*Embryo Transfer (per transfer)


House cleaning service (if bed rest is required)

$100 / wk

Childcare service (if bed rest is required)

$100 / wk

Mock Cycle (ERA)


Loss of reproductive organs, but not full

(uteris, cervic, ovaries, fallopian tubes)




C-Section compensation


Invasive procedures:  Amino, CVS, D & C, etc.


Termination or Selective Reduction


Pumping Breast Milk

$100 / wk + cost of supplies and shipping

Pregnancy related expenses covered by Intended

Medical Insurance

If you don’t have surro friendly medical insurance (gestational carrier will need to verify), the
intended parents will purchase a private policy for your surrogacy journey.


Medical Bills

All medical bills related to your surrogacy journey will be
paid by the intended parents.  


If travel is required for your surrogacy journey, the
intended parents will pay for transportation, lodging and food (up to $100 a day) for you and one travel companion.  A New Beginning Surrogacy will assist you in making the appropriate travel arrangements when necessary.

Life Insurance

The intended parents are required to purchase a 1-year term
Life Insurance Policy for $250,000 for the gestational carrier. 


10 hours of counseling will be available to gestational
carriers post partum.

Each surrogacy journey is unique.  A New Beginning’s team will communicate closely with gestational carriers and intended parents if unexpected fees and/or situations should occur as soon as possible.

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