Gestational Carrier requirements

The health of a gestational carrier is very important during pregnancy and after pregnancy. A New Beginning Surrogacy follows guidelines from the American Society of Reproductive Medicine. This is the best way prepare our gestational carriers for their surrogacy journey.

Below are the basic requirements potential gestational carriers must meet to move forward in the program. Some of the surrogate or gestational carrier requirements may seem restrictive. If you have any questions, please contact one of our surrogate coordinators at 208-939-3865 or

Basic Requirements for
Gestational Carriers

steps in your surrogacy journey-
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Step 1: The Application

As a gestational carrier, it’s important to find a surrogacy agency in which you feel comfortable.  Next, complete the application to begin your journey to give the gift of parenthood to another family who may not otherwise have the experience.   Complete your application for A New Beginning here or get more questions answered at

Step 2: The Initial Evaluation

The health of gestational carriers is very important. The American Society of Reproductive Medicine has list of basic requirement that each gestational carrier should meet (see above). Medical records of previous deliveries will be requested. We will also schedule an interview so we can answer each other's questions.

Step 3: The Match process

Each gestational carrier will create a profile that can be seen by potential Intended Parents. Your caseworker will guide you through the profile creation and preparation for match meeting. Once the perfect match is made with your intended parents, you’ll move to Step 4.

Step 4: Psychological Evaluation

The psychological evaluation is required by the agency, fertility clinics nationwide and recommended by the American Society of Reprodcutive Medicine a clinical practitioner for the necessary psychological evaluation.

Step 5: Medical Evaluation

Each gestational carrier will have a medical evaluation at a fertility clinic. The visit includes a pap smear & physical, blood work and a saline sonogram. It's important to establish you are healthy!

Step 6: Legal paperwork and contracts

A surrogacy journey is an incredibly intimate experience, but it is also a business agreement. Both gestational carriers and intended parents should be legally protected in the surrogacy situation. There are a series of contracts, agreements and paperwork to help maintain a clear understanding of your surrogacy arrangement. A New Beginning Surrogacy can will refer each party to reputable attorneys who specialize in surrogacy situations or artificial reproductive therapy agreements.

Step 7: Medical Preparation and Embryo Transfer

Preparing for the embryo transfer takes some time. Gestational carriers will be guided every step by experts. Fertility shots will be scheduled and the gestational carrier will learn how to administer the fertility shots at home and monitor progress until the day of the embryo transfer. The embryo transfer is a big day! The embryo transfer takes place at the fertility clinic.

Step 8: Pregnancy

Six weeks after the embryo transfer, gestational carriers return to the fertility clinic to confirm a fetal heart beat and determine if they are caring a single baby or multiple babies. Upon confirmation of pregnancy, pre-natal care is continued with an OB/GYN.

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Step 9: Delivery Day

The most exciting day of your surrogacy journey is delivery day! By this time, the gestational carrier with her surrogacy journey coordinator, they have already created a hospital plan, understand the process with the intended parents and know what to expect next. Your caseworker will be by your side providing support.

Step 10: Post-partum

The surrogates journey isn’t over once the baby is born and safely placed in the arms of his/her parents. A New Beginning continues support by helping gestational carriers adjust as you go through the hormonal shifts of pregnancy and delivery, continuing their relationship with the intended parents and their baby, identifying their new role in the surrogacy situation and transitioning back into their own life.

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Next Steps & more information

Our surrogacy journey coordinators are ready to answer your questions or review your submitted application.  Let us know how we can help you get started.

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